MorseCat Beta

MorseCat Beta 2.0

A free Windows Morse code trainer for beginners and experts
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A free Windows Morse code trainer for beginners and experts.
Program features:
- Practice modes: random character groups, plain text from built-in editor in normal or random order, text from file, synthetically generated ham radio call signs
- Plain text can be filtered in order to practice only words which contain no unknown characters
- Lesson editor - If you like to, you can edit which character is taught in which lesson
- Support for language specific characters (German, French, Scandinavian)
- Selectable character pools which determine the distribution of letters, numbers and prosigns among the groups
- Speed range 2 to 120 wpm, indicated in words or letters per minute
- Program can be set to vary speed automatically
- Farnsworth method for lower speeds; Farnsworth speed is adjustable to any value that is faster than the overall text speed
- Variable dot / dash / pause ratio
- User interface in English and German
- Written with Borland Delphi 5

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